“Committed to providing safe, reliable water to residents and industry.”


The challenges we face from climate change -- including prolonged periods of drought, erratic precipitation patterns, and hot, dry conditions -- only reinforce our need for long-term vision, strategic policymaking, and infrastructure development to ensure our local water supply is secure and reliable. I have demonstrated my leadership in these areas and here are my priorities upon re-election:

To remain focused on diversifying our water supply portfolio in order to insulate West Basin from the uncertainty of the aqueduct systems that provide water from the Colorado River and Northern California into our region

To continue advocating for the efficient use of water throughout the West Basin service area and examining ways to lower our dependence on already strained imported water sources

To further grow our education and community outreach efforts across Division 4, including with our city councils, school districts, local businesses and community partners

To develop long-term solutions with the state, county and local municipalities to implement stormwater capture projects that protect our waterways and public health

To advocate on behalf of West Basin for state and federal funding dedicated to infrastructure development projects that benefit the residents and communities of our district

To continue working to ensure that West Basin remains a leading edge municipal water district in the areas of water reuse; technology research and development; and community outreach and education programming

To build upon our work developing beneficial relationships in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., that position West Basin as a progressive public water agency with a track record of success


Accomplishments during my first term (2014 to 2018):


Distributed 1,500 rain barrels free to the communities of Division 4

Advocated for the efficient use of water both during and after California’s historic drought

Increased the education and community outreach efforts across Division 4 working with city councils, school districts, businesses, and community and neighborhood groups

Promoted West Basin’s conservation programs including turf removal rebates, free rain barrels, Cash 4 Kitchens, reusable drinking bottle filling stations, and drought tolerant landscape and greywater classes

Authorized the expansion of the district’s world-renowned Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo to nearly double recycled water production from 40 to 70 million gallons per day

Shared West Basin’s unique, industry-leading accomplishments and track record of success utilizing recycled water across its service area

Installed four reusable drinking bottle filling stations at Division 4 locations

Celebrated the opening of a drought tolerant ocean-friendly demonstration garden at Robert Frost Auditorium in Culver City

Installed a drought tolerant landscape along the median of busy Santa Monica Boulevard in the City of West Hollywood

Spoke at two international conferences, the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., to the City Councils of Division 4, and at countless community groups and neighborhood associations about the work of West Basin MWD

Advocated for the water community with our policymakers in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C.