Clean.  Safe.  Affordable.  Water.


Scott Houston has safeguarded the interests of our Ratepayers and brought Transparency and Accountability to the Water Board.

As your Representative, Scott Houston:

  • Voted against raising your Water Rates during the pandemic
  • Secured a $35 million authorization in Federal funding for new South Bay recycled water projects
  • Garnered $3.8 million in Federal funding for two new South Bay recycled water pipelines in Gardena and Carson
  • Implemented video recordings of the Water Board's public meetings -- one of the last local public agencies to do so
  • Stood up for employees alleging workplace harassment, bullying, retaliation and abuse at Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and successfully called for a State Audit of Metropolitan

Scott Houston provided ways to permanently save water and protect our environment by:

  • Replacing more than 300,000 square feet of grass in Division 4 with rebates to residents and businesses
  • Distributing more than 2,500 free rain barrels across Division 4 communities
  • Installing 17 public water bottle filling stations across Division 4

Scott Houston will:

  • Ensure safe, reliable and affordable water for our region
  • Increase recycled water use that protects our Santa Monica Bay and local waterways
  • Decrease our dependence on imported water from hundreds of miles away

Vote to Re-Elect Scott Houston

for Director, West Basin Municipal Water District, Division 4
Tuesday, November 8, 2022




Distributed more than 2,500 rain barrels FREE to the communities of Division 4

Oversaw the renovation of West Basin's Water Education Center at the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility

Spearheaded Grey Water Workshops at West Basin during the drought of 2015-2018

Provided free Firescaping Workshops to the communities of Malibu, Topanga and the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Increased the education and community outreach efforts across Division 4 working with city councils, school districts, businesses, and community and neighborhood groups

Promoted West Basin’s conservation programs, including Grass Replacement Rebates, free Rain Barrels, Cash 4 Kitchens, reusable water bottle filling stations, and drought tolerant landscape and greywater classes

Authorized the expansion of the district’s world-renowned Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo with the goal of increasing local recycled water production from 40 to 70 million gallons per day

Celebrated the opening of a drought tolerant ocean-friendly demonstration garden at Robert Frost Auditorium in Culver City

Installed a drought tolerant landscape along the median of busy Santa Monica Boulevard in the City of West Hollywood

Spoke at international, national and state conferences, the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., to the City Councils of Division 4, and at countless community groups and neighborhood associations about the work of West Basin Municipal Water District and my role as a elected governing Board Member

Advocated on behalf of the water community, our residents and our businesses with our elected officials and policymakers in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C.